Today I thought I’d include my current supplementsfruitandvegetables-main_full-150x150, along with the food menu.

Upon rising: DHEA spray

Breakfast: Fruity Protein Shake with almonds, water, Wild Berry tea with Bio En’R-G’y C powder, supplements (Tuna Omega-3 Oil, Calcifood, Temper Fire, Osteoforce, Thyro-CNV, DFH Complete Multi Vitamin-Mineral Complex, Similase, Acidophilus, Glucosamine Sulfate)

Lunch: Large apple, Cocoa Cherry Standard Bar from Standard Process, bottle of water

Snack: Raspberry Apple Tea with Bio En’R-G’y C powder, banana, slice of Ezekiel break with almond butter and All Fruit Preserves

Supper: Small portion of roast lamb, Almond Mashed Potatoes and gravy, green beans, sauteed onions, DeCaf Green Tea with Mint

Bedtime: Supplements (same as at breakfast), water

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