vivian-aboutHere’s the link to a great article from Vivian Goldschmidt!  Makes us doubly glad we include lots of tomatoes in our diet.  🙂

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4 Comments on Bone-Building Benefits of Tomatoes

  1. amitkumar says:

    Tomatoes a rich source of vitamin C helps in providing the body nearly 40 percent of the daily water value (DV). They also contain 15 percent DV of vitamin A, 8 percent DV of potassium, and 7 percent of the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of iron for women and 10 percent RDA for men.
    Tomatoes being climacteric fruits have multiple body benefits. They help the body in removing the toxins and elimination of unhealthy fats naturally.

    Benefits of Regular Intake of Tomatoes:-

    1.Drinking tomato mixed with honey in it helps to remove fats, keeps the skin glowing and energizes the body.
    2.Tomato juice and coconut oil mixed and applied to dry, itchy skin helps in soothing it.
    3.Tomato juice and honey when given to pregnant women at the time of pregnancy is an excellent energy restorer.
    4.Tomato juice is given as a cure to jaundice, colds, allergies.
    5.Tomatoes help in keeping diabetes at a check.

  2. Ryan says:

    Tomatoes are pretty much great for everything, right?

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