thyroidToday’s the day!  I weighed in this morning at 123.4 on my digital scale.  The aim is to consume as close to 1000 calories as possible today, while sticking to the high nutrition and 80% alkaline/20% acid ratio of our OsteoDiet.  At the end of the 28 days, we’ll determine our Metabolic Function Index, a measure of our metabolic rate, using the tables in Dr. Sanford Siegal’s book, Is Your Thyroid Making You Fat?.

Confession:  I still haven’t purchased a glass thermometer, but I will soon.  That’s for measuring basal temperature every morning after waking up, but before rolling out of bed.

Here’s what on the menu today:

136   1 cup Multigrain Oatbran cereal
99     Almonds, 11
10     1/4 cup almond milk
70     Greens Shake with liquid chlorophyll
0       Berry Zinger Tea with 1/2 tsp Vitality C powder
0       Water
N/A   Supplements

105   Banana
0       Bottle of water

200   Cocoa Cherry Standard Bar

81     Apple

Chef Salad containing…
50     Tuna, 1/2 can
160   Avocado, 1/2
13     Tomato, 1/2
16     Romaine lettuce, 2 cups, shredded
25     Summer squash, 1, sliced
20     Green Pepper, 1
75     Newman’s Own Oil & Vinegar dressing (1 tbsp)

Bedtime Snack:
81     Apple

Total Calories for the Day:  1,139

See you tomorrow!


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