Instead ofI don’t know about you, but it was h-a-r-d for me to give up forbidden foods.  It took me a year to give up Diet Coke!  Even when I was able to leave behind foods I craved, I held onto a ton of resentment, crying in pillow about how unfair it was the “other people” got to eat what they wanted and I didn’t!

Then I discovered a sensational secret:  Using an “instead of” made the process easy, creative, and downright fun!

Here’s how it works.  Rather than giving up an item, I replaced it with something better! 
“Instead of” giving up frying mushrooms and onions, I learned to saute’ them in olive oil and beef broth. 
“Instead of” giving up milk, which is low acid-forming, I replaced it with unsweetened almond milk, which is low alkaline-forming.

Surprisingly, I no longer felt deprived because I didn’t leave a hole in my diet!  Instead, I filled the hole with something even better!

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