Amino Acid: The Building Block of Protein

Are you getting enough protein in your diet? Yes, protein is acidifying, but the OsteoDiet promotes a healthy balance of 80% alkaline/20% acid.  The body needs protein!  To produce and maintain cells, manufacture antibodies and enzymes, regulate fluid balance, and boost metabolism, the body needs adequate protein intake.

How much protein do you need?  Multiply your weight in kilograms by .8, or multiply your weight in pounds by .37.
At 120, I should eat about 44 grams of protein per day.

My typical protein sources include:  almonds, walnuts, pecans, eggs, black-eyed peas, lean beef, chicken, turkey, Cocoa Cherry Standard Bars from Standard Process, and shakes made with my favorite Whole Food Based protein powder.  Actually, though, even a plant-based diet that includes a wide variety of whole foods consisting of beans, whole-grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, along with products made from these natural foods, such as tofu and tempeh, can deliver enough adequate protein to the body. Those who believe plant protein is inferior to animal protein may be surprised to learn that plant proteins contain the same 22 amino acids as animal proteins.

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