Morning routine this week:

5:30  Rise, dress, pray, breakfast, check email

6:30  Work out at the YMCA: Walk/run on treadmill to warm up – 15 minutes, lower body machines -or- upper body machines – 30 minutes, cool-down walk on treadmill – 5 minutes

7:30  At home, have a Greens Shake (8 oz. pure water, 1 tbsp. Paleogreens powder (mint flavor) + 1 tbsp Sunny Green Liquid Chlorophyll (red apple flavor), along with calcium supplement ( 5 capsules Raw Calcium from Garden of Life’s Vitamin Code “Grow Bone System”)

7:45  Change clothes and freshen up.

8:00  Out the door!


2 Comments on Morning Routine…This Week!

  1. Kathy says:

    Sure sounds like you are doing all the right things to ensure a full recovery. God bless you on your healing journey! I will keep you in my prayers.


  2. Tom Poppino says:

    Kathy I stumbled upon your blog re: shoulder fracture…..I this past SUnday evening injured my left shoulder diving for a dog we were keeping at our house (Humane Society)as I left a gate open and I instinctively chased, went to ortho Monday and I have two fractures Greater Tuborosity and Glenoid….I am 58, lift weights all week, run etc etc…..I am in a sling and he says 6 weeks….I have no real pain? except in movement attempts! have taken no pain meds….I own a Natural Food Store so I am supplementing with Hyraul Acid, Biosil, MSM, Chodroitin etc
    I too am a Christian and agree with your posts, being tankful for everything……your blog has been very encouraging for me, thanks!


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