no-inflammation-zoneHere’s the link to a terrific article from Vivian Goldschmidt of that lists her top 8 foods for lowering inflammation that can cause bone loss.  I am happy to report that all of these foods, except red wine*, are staples in our OsteoDiet!   Great article!

*Alcohol and I do not get along, so I swore it off in my 20’s. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for valuable informations.Actually,I sustained injury on my left shoulder fractured Humerus since 25th of June and plaster of paris(P.O.P) was applied and give pain relivers drugs,antibiotic,vitamin C and other.Now for the past 3weeks now I have been experiencing a painful sore on my armpit and I tends to use disinfectant and warm water for cleaning,in a nutshell,I still feel the pain.What other medication can I apply since it has not reach my appointment date with the hospital?

  2. Wili says:

    I have been taking vitmian d3 at 5000i.u. per day for approximately 6 months and paired this with magnesium citrate 6 weeks ago. I also inhale tiotropium 18mcg dry powder once daily together with budesonide/formoterol fumarate 400mcg/12 mcg dry powder twice daily to control asthma and COPD. Prior to commencing vitmian d3 I was using the steroid inhaler 4 and sometimes 5 times per day together with regular usage of terbutaline sulphate 500mcg as needed.It was my intention to publish full details of my vitmian d3 experience after 12 months but as you are asking for users of gluco-corticoids to respond to this blog I thought I would give my initial results to date prior to giving the complete 12 month picture.I live in West Cumbria UK close to the Lake District not particularly good for sunlight.

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