Some people think that staying on this diet is a chore, but the JOYS of bone-healthy eating far outweigh any inconvenience or self-denial involved. Here’s a list of the top 10 benefits!

1. Pain free! No more headaches, muscle aches, joint aches, or aching feet.

2. Clothes fitting with ease! No more stretching and pulling in the wrong places.

3. Maintaining a healthy weight! I have weighed 110-112 for the past six months (down from 142) and wear a size 6 instead of a size 12-14.

4. Easy kitchen cleanup every night! Bone healthy foods don’t stick to the pans the way creamy sauces and sugar-laden foods do.

5. Energy! I have loads of energy for work, play, service, and intimacy. It’s wonderful not to be worn out at the end of the day–or at the beginning, for that matter.

6. Strength! I can lift items as needed, do the heavier yard work, move furniture, etc., without feeling strained and sore.

7. Increased bone density! My bone density is being restored NATURALLY!

8. Drug free! I take NO pharmaceuticals drugs, which is amazing in this day and age. I take only the nutritional supplements recommended by my doctor, in addition to diet and exercise.

9. The great outdoors! A companion to bone-healthy eating is bone-building exercise. After a fruity protein shake, I enjoy running/walking for a mile or two outside in the morning or after school. I would never have dreamed it would be possible for me to enjoy running before I changed to an alkaline diet.

10. Peace and happiness! I feel good about what I eat. I don’t come away from dinners at home or at restaurants saying, “I shouldn’t have eaten that.” Instead, I am grateful for every delicious, nourishing bite to the One who has guided me to this way of eating.

If you’re ready to begin this exciting and enjoyable way of eating, try reading through the Foundations pages of this website first, then look through the recipes and menus to locate some dishes you’d like to try. Diets are most effectively changed one recipe at a time. You can do it!

“Bone” apetit! 

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