Well, folks, I tipped the scale Sunday at 117.2 pounds.  That may not seem like a lot, but it represents a five-pound gain since the beginning of last summer.  My jeans, which fit nicely when I weighed 112, are getting tight.  It’s time to go on a diet within the OsteoDiet.

Where to begin?  With an examination of conscience!  I had to ask myself, “Why did I gain these five pounds?” in order to know how to lose them.  When I looked honestly at my situation, these reasons surfaced:

1) I haven’t been writing down what I eat.  It’s amazing how much I eat of certain foods when I don’t keep track.  Even healthy foods can be fattening, if I eat too much of them!

2) I have been spending more time indoors since the colder weather started.  More time indoors means less exercise and sunshine, and more time spent in the kitchen keeping warm and…eating.

3) I have been busy with other projects in the morning when I need to be exercising at the gym.  The only days I got to the gym last week were Friday evening and Saturday morning.

4) I have been eating more Ezekiel bread, almonds, and sunflower seeds than recommended on the OsteoDiet.  These healthy foods need to be included in my diet, but not to excess.

5) I had gotten away from weighing myself every morning.  I started doing that again when I wrote the article last week, “Top 10 Checklist for Daily Health and Strong Bones.”

6) I haven’t done a colon cleanse in quite a while.  Toxic debris can build up in the colon, which can add weight.

7) I have been enjoying a few “forbidden” foods lately–like coffee and grits.  Both of these foods are acidifying.  A treat once in while keeps me from feeling overly deprived, but right now I’d rather be the right weight!

Now that I’ve come to grips with the reasons for the weight gain, I can make a plan to lose the weight.  This is the plan:

1.  Write down everything I eat and report to someone else at the end of the day.  That someone is going to be you!

2.  If it’s too cold to go outside, I will spend my time indoors in rooms other than the kitchen!

3.  Get to Planet Fitness at 5:00 a.m. to work out.  (This also means I have to be in bed asleep at 9:00, in order to get 7-8 hours sleep.)  If it’s just too cold to go to the gym, I will work out with one of my bone-building exercise DVD’s.

4.  Daily limit of Ezekiel bread: 2 slices; raw almonds: 16; and sunflower seeds: 1 handful.

5.  Weigh myself every morning!  No exceptions!

6.  Begin a three-week colon cleanse.  (More on that tomorrow…)

7.  NO forbidden foods until the scale is reads 112!

The diet starts today.

Want to join me?  To begin, pick one or two of the points of our action plan that are the easiest to implement, such as limiting bread/seeds or weighing yourself in the morning, and then add another point tomorrow.  If you continue adding steps, you’ll have the whole plan in the works within a week.

Our goal is to lose five pounds in three weeks, while building both our health and our bones.

May God bless our efforts!


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