Day #7 of the “Diet Within a Diet” – Goal: To lose 5 pounds in 21 days while continuing to build bone!

Today I weighed in at 116.2, down one pound from our starting point of 117.2, but up more than a pound from yesterday.  Why?  Such is the tug-of-war between losing weight -and- building muscle and bone.  Remember what my nephew, Charles, who trained for the Olympics told me: As we gain muscle by working out, we also gain water to support the muscle.  For every pound of muscle gained, the body must gain three pounds of water to support the muscle!  While working out may cause weight gain while we’re trying to lose weight, in the long run working out will bring about weight loss.  Increased muscle mass burns more calories, so eventually you lose weight.  And building stronger muscles also builds stronger bones!

We still have 14 days left to reach our goal of losing 5 pounds while building bone!  Muscle training WILL pay off!

Here’s what I ate today:

Breakfast:  Fruity Protein Shake, Blueberry Tea with Beyond C powder, supplements

Morning Snack:  Banana, water

Lunch:  Amy’s brand organic Alphabet Soup, tuna fish mixed with applesauce, water

Afternoon Snack:  carrot, half of a tomato, water

Supper:  Small serving of baked salmon, baked sweet potato with cinnamon and Earth Balance buttery spread, steamed collard greens with turkey sausage medallions, 2 slices of Ezekiel bread, water, raspberry tea with Beyond C powder, supplements

Bedtime:  Water (I’m still full from supper!)

Reflection on Day #7: Using Kathy Smith’s DVD, Ultimate Slimdown Circuit, I completed the Upper Body workout early this morning, including the warm up, workout, and cool down.  Tonight I also walked 30 minutes with my husband and sang Christmas carols!  🙂

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