the-garden-path-david-howellsMy dear Friend (you know who you are),

I’m  so excited that you want to begin this journey! We will walk together, traveling slowly while you get your bearings, then move faster along the path as your way becomes easier and lighter.

Your first step was to pray, but you’re already doing that.   Along with prayer, please do the following:

  • Buy a roll of pH testing tape from your local health food store.  Test your saliva and urine to determine their pH level.  They might not match, but they will still give you an indication of your body’s acidity or alkalinity.
  • Buy some raw almonds, apples, celery, and bottled water for snacks.  Wal-Mart usually has raw almonds for sale in the produce department, and our local health food store (DeLand Bakery and Natural Market) has them, too.  Be sure to eat when you are hungry, even if you only have time for a handful of almonds and a few swallows of water.
  • Take a walk every evening for 10-15 minutes.
  • Look over the recommended foods on the list of alkaline foods, and decide which foods you would most like to start including in your menus.

Also, please consider buying a rebounder from Wal-Mart or Sports Authority and a set of 2-pound or 3-pound hand weights.

That’s all for now.

My Friend, please write me back when you are ready for Step 2 by leaving a comment below and signing it with the name, “Friend.”  🙂

With love and prayers,

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  1. Christiane says:

    Ready for step 2. Friend

  2. Ruth says:

    I was looking for more natural info on osteoporosis as when I broke my hip 5 yrs ago they made me go for a bone density & now every two years and this year it became a bit worse. -4.3 spine, -3.4 left femur, and -3.2 for left hip.I have been taking vitamins and eating healthy but now I have started walking 20 minutes a day, using 3lb. weights with 10 minutes a day exercise, taking vitamins and trying to eat healthy. I recently saw by “Jarrow” Bone UP and was wondering if I should also include this vitamin? I don’t want to go on any medicine. I am small framed as I am in my mid fifties weighing 112 lbs. Any suggestions to reverse my numbers?
    God Bless,

  3. Robin says:

    Ready for step 2
    – Friend

  4. philomena says:

    Hello how are you?
    I Fractured my left proximal Humerus 4 part valgus impacted fracture on 3/11/2014. I still have arm in sling due to come off at 6 week stage (next week) and Physio due to start then properly. The physiotherapist said there might be rotator cuff damage. My Diet suffered drastically as live on own and find it hard to cook. Would love to start eating good nut foods. I take digestive enzymes, acidophilus, and Cal mag 2-1, Vit D, Msm, Clondrotin, but I feel I am not absorbing the good of food. I was diagnosed with Eosophagitis in Feb and have acid reflux particularly if don’t take digestive enzymes. I have severe pain when I move accidently sideways to the left, pain particularly at night, arm swollen, elbow belled out and shoulder feels strange, stiff. One Ortho Surgeon wanted permission to do hemiarthoplasty shoulder replacement. Got second opinion and this Ortho Surgeon thought that bones in shoulder not joining up when he looked at Xray. Ortho then sent me to Neuro Physicist, who did EMG test and this showed some Axilliary nerve damage which Neuro felt would heal. Can not move arm sideways, upwards, can use wrist, forearm. my job involves all day input on computer whilst interviewing clients and I am nervous of whether I will be able to do this one handed
    Ayurvedic practitioner suggested comfrey Symphytum to knit bone and gugulu preparation.
    Want to start water, almonds, apples walks. What about Aloe Vera for digestion?

  5. Gretta says:

    I have Osteoporosis with a T score of -2.5, Dr wants me to take Prolia shot, my oncologist wants me to take Reclast. I want to go natural, I am taking Strontium, and calcium and Vit D. Any suggstions? I am 65, 5 ft 7in, 124 pounds.

  6. Kathy says:

    Hi, Roisin. How old are you? If you are nearing menopause, the loss of bone density may be nature’s natural lightening when it knows you will not be bearing children any longer. Perhaps you simply need more daily sunlight or more weight-bearing exercise. I am not a doctor, so I cannot diagnose, but you can find lots of information about natural approaches to bone health on this website, as well as on and As to whether my bones have improved, I guess that depends on whom you ask. Although the Dexascans don’t show improved density, I feel amazingly better since I started this natural regimen years ago. Also, when I broke my shoulder in a bike accident four years ago, it healed in record time! I have taken a couple while running, and suffered no breaks. And I think to myself, “The nurse practitioner who tried to pressure me to take Fosamax said I was so fragile…but I’m not!” Did you know that the modern label “osteoporosis” is applied very differently now than it was years ago? It used to be applied to persons who had suffered fractures, but now it is applied to those who have a certain bone density, no matter what their build is. Women who have small bones and small frame often have lower bone density that women with large bones and large frame, which is completely logical. After all, a bird wouldn’t have the same bone density as an elephant, right? Yet the diagnosis for osteoporosis doesn’t take this into effect. The bottom line is that there are many factors besides bone density to consider when it comes to bone health, especially bone flexibility. Well, I’m talking your ear off, but I just want to encourage you to explore your options and perhaps read “The Myth of Osteoporosis.” You may be surprised and delighted by what you find.

    God bless you,

  7. Roisin says:

    Dear Kathy – I just found out yesterday that I have osteoporosis. I was so shocked. I knew I was osteopenic but had not expected this deterioration. I have felt very scared and quite alone. Finding your website has been so encouraging. Even more reassuring is your faith which is something I strongly relate to. I had felt guilty about my diet since it has been on and off throughout my life as I also have an eating disorder. However I was glad to see that because of this I already tend towards a fairly alkaline balance (I think!). I have not yet got the ph tape to check the evidence. I’m so glad though – your site is motivating me and helping me focus and realise I’m not on my own. One thing I really would like to know – have your bones improved? I would like to know it is possible to reverse the damage and am finding it hard to really believe. Please respond – I would so much appreciate it.

  8. Kathy says:

    Dear Yvonne, Janet, Ann, and Patty,
    Congratulations on making the decision to build healthy bone naturally! Because of you, I just posted on this website a summary of Step 2, and I pray that you will be encouraged and blessed as you continue this journey.

    With joy,

  9. Patty says:

    I found your site after learning I have Osteopenia and I want to reverse this the natural way. I am ready for step 2.
    Thank you for all this wonderful information.

  10. ann anzalone says:

    Hi Kathy!
    Thank you for sharing all of your information and journey. I am ready for step 2.
    Blessings my Friend,

  11. Janet says:

    A little more detail . . . I am 61 and recently broke my wrist, it is not healing as well as I’d like. My doctor wants me to take medication to prevent further bone loss, but the side effects are frightening. I am hoping to take a more natural approach. Reading through your website has given me hope. I’m ready for Step 2!
    Your “Friend”,

  12. Janet says:

    I am ready for Step 2!
    Your friend

  13. Yvonne says:

    I’m using my microphone on my phone to leave a comment so I apologize if my grammar or spelling is a little off I currently have a fracture of my clavicle. for some reason I seem to have the bones of an 85 year old woman, though I am only in my forties. I seem to break bones much more easily than the average person doing regular routine activities. I look forward to reading more about your program. Friend

  14. Kathy says:

    Hi, Debbie. For some examples of the 80/20 diet, please check out this website’s “The Daily Diet” posts, as well as the following links:

  15. Debbie says:

    Could someone give an example of a 80/20 diet.



  16. Kathy says:

    Congratulations, Natalia! The first step is always the most important, for then we are on our way! I, too, am starting on a new phase of my journey, with the offer of Dr. Lani Simpson to assess my case. I’ll be sharing her insights and advice this year on

    Have a blessed and beautiful year,

  17. Natalia M says:

    Hi Kathy, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis about 2 years ago. The Dr. put me on Actonel which did not help me, then Fosamax. I started researching the side effects and decided it was not for me. Every morning I pray for wisdom and knowledge with this disease and how to treat it. I was searching for osteo diet and found your website…..Thank God 🙂 I started step one and ready for step two. I’m 53 and ready to change my way of eating.
    God Bless,
    Your friend, Natalia

  18. Kathy says:

    Welcome, Cindy! Once you have taken the first steps, aim for:
    30 minutes of exercise daily (walking, weight training, biking, etc.)
    20 minutes of sunlight daily
    8 glasses of water daily
    80% alkaline / 20% acid diet as evidenced by…
    An alkaline level of 7.0-7.4 on your pH tape either morning or evening

    Be gentle with yourself as you make each small change. Everything you do to heal your body will benefit those around you, too!

    God bless you,

  19. Cindy Nelson says:

    Hi Kathy, I broke my wrist in September and it has been slow healing. I started researching and found your website. I am ready to take on this journey and strengthen all my bones. At 46 I am finding I’m not what I was 20 years ago. I am glad God led me to your site. I am ready for step 2!

    Your Friend,

  20. Kathy says:

    Good for you, Cyndy! Once you have finished Step 1, it’s time to start adding more alkaline foods to your daily diet. Concentrating on adding more what your body needs, rather than on denying it the food it wants. It won’t be long until you’ll turn naturally to alkaline foods when you are hungry, and your pH will start climbing toward 7.0 and beyond!

    God bless you,

  21. Cyndy Frickelton says:

    I am ready to start this journey to maintain my bones with the guidance of The Lord.

  22. Kathy says:

    With God’s help, you can do it! Bones are alive, and they want to heal. We just have to give them what they need in order to rebuild: 7.38 alkaline blood pH, daily sunlight, weight bearing exercise, and less stress/more sleep.

    God bless you,

  23. kerry anderson says:

    Hi – I am 52 and have been diagnosed with osteopenia inthe spine and right hip and almost osteoporosis in my left hip. I have pain in both hips however. I have also been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and I am not interested in taking the altevia because of all the horrible side effects I’ve read about.
    I want to rebuild my bones naturally and I do work out at least 3 times a week. Thank you.

  24. Ruth says:

    I just found this website while researching osteo meds. I went from Boniva to Atelvia which is quite expensive. I haven’t had the nightmarish side effects so many have but have been on RLS meds for years. That, on top of my osteoporosis, makes it a little difficult determining which is more painful. Not to whine, but I also have arthritis in my back, hands and hips @ 68.
    Now you have me considering your diet plan!

  25. Merilyn says:

    Just found this site. Looking for a natural treatment for osteoporosis of upper lumbar and osteopenia of femoral necks.
    Started blending green smoothies made with green leafy vegs and apple/banana. I sip on it in between meals to keep me alkaline. I didn’t want to go the medication route as I dont think that is the answer.
    I’m presuming the ph test is for urine and not saliva?

  26. Patty says:

    Thank u Kathy. As I’ve always been slender, even underweight, I could eat anything I wanted. No more! Have to now consider what I eat is doing 2 my bones. Appreciate u!

  27. Kathy says:

    Hi, Patty! Dietary changes were difficult for me to make at the beginning. I kept feeling sorry for myself, thinking how unfair it was that I couldn’t all the forbidden foods that other people were eating. Now, I love the foods I choose to eat and feel blessed in every way that, not only did I strengthen my bones, but my health improved dramatically all the way around! The dietary and other lifestyle changes were definitely worth it. 🙂

  28. Patty says:

    Kathy-P.S.S. Was extremely active until femur fx-all kinds of exercise throughout my life. My husband & I retired only to start our own business-petsitting, dog walking-high activity. The only thing I’ve missed is dietary changes. Thank you.

  29. Patty says:

    P.S. KathyI would love to b an “e-mail friend” to Pam. Many do not understand that this can effect our lives before we are 70, 80, or 90. Perhaps we can help one another. I feel very alone with this. Thank u for trying to help us get in touch. Patty

  30. Patty says:

    Hi Kathy! I have researched several websites & found yours to b most helpful. I was diagnosed with osteopenia many years ago & am now 60. I have many risk factors for bone thinning, many of which cannot be changed though others can. I just incurred my 4th & most severe fx-distal femur shattered into many pieces when I slid on slick concrete-then I fell. Am now unable to weight bear for about 5 months. I had been in a strengthening program for those with OA & thin bones. I was on bone preserving meds & just began bone building med, Forteo. In my research, I find that I should have incorporated dietary changes many years ago. Your website provides excellent info that I’ve never found before. Combatting osteopenia & osteoporosis requires comprehensive changes in lifestyle, including diet & possibly meds. Feel a bit more hope with your website & opportunity to share with others experiencing similar struggles. Thank you!

  31. Laura says:

    Hi, Kathy.
    I sent you a personal email earlier; I am ready to hear about step 2, as my shopping list for step 1 is complete. Two years of tamoxifen (three years to go) prescribed as a preventative of breast cancer recurrence led me to a total hysterectomy and surgical menopause at the age of 47. And one year later… an osteoporosis diagnosis. I want to fight back without more drugs! Are there any other cancer survivors out there who have had success with the 80/20 diet?


  32. Kathy says:

    Hi, Pam. Welcome to OsteoDiet! Yes, strong bones that are both flexible and dense can best be obtained by switching to an 80% alkaline / 20% acid diet, along with daily sunshine and weight bearing exercise. The only side effect is improved health! Feel free to write me anytime on this website or by email at

    God bless you,

  33. Pam says:

    This is a wonderful web site, full of hope and positive vibes.
    I have been told that in 2 years i will have osteoporosis but am determind to get to the bottom of this con re taking drugs as the first action. i have read several revealing books which confirm that this web site is right for me. It is hard in a family situation to see others eating what you cannot but if they were educated too they might want to eat differently especially as they get older.
    Thanks again for this meeting point and mine of info.
    If anyone would like to be an ’email’friend to discuss progress and the ups and downs of beating Osteo. I would be delighted to be that friend.I am a very active 60 year old with lots of interests as well as improving my bones and perhaps we could motivate each other?
    I hope Kathy can put us in touch with each other.

  34. Kathy says:

    Hi, Luanne. I’m so glad you happened to find! I hope you’ll enjoy the changes that happen in your body as you move through Step 2. If you ever need encouragement, please feel free to write me anytime.
    Your friend,

  35. Luanne says:

    I am ready for step 2. I am very happy I found this site. I was looking for something like it for a while. I can not tolerate any of the medications that were suggested by my doctor and am not crazy about the new injectable medication so I told her I would not try it.
    Thank you for being here.

  36. Kathy says:

    Hello, friend. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. You’re right: Baby steps are the way to go. I thought it would be vastly expensive and that my family would reject new ways of eating, but such has not been the case. Where some items cost more than before, others cost less, so it all balances out costwise. My family enjoys most of my new dishes, too!

    Once you have taken the first steps, aim for:
    30 minutes of exercise daily (walking, weight training, biking, etc.)
    20 minutes of sunlight daily
    8 glasses of water daily
    80% alkaline / 20% acid diet as evidenced by…
    An alkaline level of 7.4 on your pH tape either morning or evening

    Be gentle with yourself as you make each small change. Everything you do to heal your body will benefit those around you, too!

    God bless you,

  37. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for your webpage.

    My story is similar to many in that I have osteopenia. My dentist was surprised at the lack of bone mass shown in my x-rays and recommended I speak to the doctor about it. Blood work found a lack of vitamin D and a bone scan showed the sad results. I’m premenopausal and was told it is vital to take fosamax.

    I’m rotten at routines and very overwhelmed. My motivation is purely to avoid medication. In truth this diet would be incredibly difficult and expensive to put my family on, but even a few positive changes will help. Guess I’ll need to take baby-steps.

    With that said, I’ve bookmarked your webpage, will buy some PH tape, bought some almonds, and went for a walk yesterday. What’s next?


  38. Barb Kleeege says:

    Hi Kathy,
    Yes, I’m getting excited about joining you on this journey. Thanks so much for all your guidance and prayers. I am ready to hear about step 2 and have done most of step 1.

    Pray check
    PH tape check
    good snacks check
    lots of filtered water check
    walk 30 minutes 4-5 x wk check
    eating alkaline foods doing pretty good
    rebounder just bought one at Walmart today
    hand wgts I have some (haven’t used yet)

    p.s. – I wore an old size 6 dress to Church on Sunday. It’s been hanging in my closet for the last few years just waiting for me to lose a few pounds.

    May God Bless You Abundantly for sharing all the wisdom he has shared with you! You are bound to have many many friends.

    One Irish “Friend”

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