Need a week’s worth of scrumptious, bone-healthy recipes? Comin’ right up!

Sunday: Chicken Cacciatore, Tossed Salad, toasted millet loaf slices, watermelon, water

Monday: Turkey & Gravy, Mashed Potatoes with Almond Milk, Cooked Carrots, Steamed Cabbage, Millet Rolls, Perrier and lime, Stewed Apples with Soy Whip for dessert

Tuesday: Steamed Kale Greens with Turkey Sausage Medallions, sweet potato with Earth Balance buttery spread, water, Lemon Zinger tea with Beyond C powder

Wednesday: Chili, Mexican Salad, toasted millet bread, sliced bananas and strawberries, water

Thursday: Chef Salad, 1 slice of Ezekiel bread, water, raspberry tea with Beyond C powder

Friday: Baked Salmon, green beans spiced with no-nitrate turkey bacon, Tossed Salad, water, strawberry tea

Saturday: Crockpot Chicken, Long Grain & Wild Rice, Steamed Broccoli Medley, 1 slices of sesame Ezekiel bread, raspberry tea, water

“Bone” apetit! 🙂

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